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Explain any two Myths about Entrepreneurship.

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Myths about Entrepreneurship are:

1. The misconception is that every business idea needs to be unique or special. Each entrepreneur saw customer demand and brought a new idea into their business. A person can take an idea that is already there in the market and do something different with it.

2. The misconception we have is that a person needs a lot of money to start a business. Every business does not need a lot of capital to start. Depending on how much money you have or can borrow, you can start a business with that much money. Once you make more money, you can put that into your business to make it bigger.

3. A misconception we have is that only a person having a big business is an entrepreneur. No business is big or small. If a person is running a business to fulfill a customer’s need, they are an entrepreneur. Most businesses start small. It becomes big with hard work and creativity.

4. A misconception we have is that entrepreneurs are born, not made. Only some people have the talent for doing business. An entrepreneur is a person who does whatever it takes to make the business successful. Being an entrepreneur starts with a way of thinking. You must believe that anything is possible and it shall be achieved. It starts with thinking of an idea that you want to work on, making it different.