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a. Distinguish between the view point of Piaget and Vygotsky in context to ECCE.

b. State any two role of ECCE professional.

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View point of Piaget and Vygotsky in context to ECCE

PIAGET, developmental psychologist

Young children need a supportive environment to explore phenomenon in their own ways because they have different ways of understanding the world 

An institution must realize the importance of cultural context within which it operates and works along with family.

VYGOTSKY, psychologist and educatorThe children need a concerned and caring knowledgeable adult in early childhood for creating optimal environment for easy, enjoyable and meaningful learning according to the child's abilities and temperament

(b) Two role of ECCE professional -

1. commitment to children, their well-being and learning. 

2. awareness and knowledge about their needs. 

3. challenges for providing opportunities for their growth and development.

4. professional training for a career in early childhood programs 

5. providing favourable learning conditions.