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‘Gandhiji had mobilized a wider discontentment against the British rule in the Salt Satyagraha.’ Elucidate the statement with suitable examples

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Salt Satyagraha

i. Gandhiji announced a march to break the Salt Law 

ii. Salt law gave the state a monopoly in the manufacture and sale of salt. 

iii. The state monopoly on salt was deeply unpopular as in every Indian household salt was indispensable and the people were forbidden for making salt even for domestic use.

iv. Gandhiji hoped to mobilize a wider discontent against British rule and started Dandi March. Once he reached Dandi he broke the salt law. 

v. Parallel Salt Marches were organized in other parts of the country. 

vi. Peasants breached the colonial forest laws which restricted their access to forests. 

vii. Factory owners went on strike. 

viii. Lawyers boycotted British courts. 

ix. Students refused to attend educational Institutions and schools run by government. 

x. Indians were arrested. 

xi. Gandhiji made a plea to the upper caste to serve untouchables. 

xii. Hindus, Muslims, Parsees and Sikhs were told to unite. 

xiii. Thousands of Volunteers joined for the cause. 

xiv. Many officials resigned from their posts. 

xv. Gandhiji’s meetings were attended by all sections of people. 

xvi. Women participated in large number. 

xvii. Dandi March brought Gandhi to world attention. The March was covered by European and American press. 

xviii. Salt march made British realized that they would have to devolve some powers to Indians. 

xix. Any other relevant point