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You are Arun. Near the gate of your colony, there is a motor mechanic's workshop. Many cars are parked outside on the pavement and even beyond. Repair work goes on. The surroundings have become filthy: pedestrians are put to trouble. Arun decides to write a letter of complaint. of course, for wider audience/readership.

(1) The letter will be addressed to

(a) The Sanitary Inspector

(b) The Municipal Commissioner

(c) State Minister of Health

(d) Editor of a local newspaper

(2) Subject of the letter should be

(a) Problems caused to pedestrians

(b) Inconvenience caused by the next door workshop

(c) Insanitary conditions at the colony gate

(d) A health hazard

(3) Arun decides to write this letter as :

(a) he has a personal problem with the owner of the workshop.

(b) a matter of social concern.

(c) he intends to contest the next municipal election.

(d) he is very health conscious.

(4) He will arrange the contents of the letter in this way:

A) noisy surroundings

B) action requested

C) garbage littered

D) public inconvenience

E) the health hazard

F) location of the workshop

(a) B, A, C, E, D, F

(b) F, D, A, C, E, B

(c) A, C, E, B, D, F

(d) F, C, E, D, A, B

(5) What kind of action would Arun suggest ?

(a) Fine to be imposed on the workshop

(b) Notice on lack of cleanliness to be issued

(c) Workshop to be shifted

(a) Periodic visits of the Health Inspector

(6) The correct closing of the letter should be:

(a) Your’s faithfully

(b) Yours faithfully

(c) Yours truly

(d) Your’s truly

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The correct answers are as follows:

(1) (d) Editor of a local newspaper

(2) (b) Inconvenience caused by the next door workshop

(3) (b) a matter of social concern.

(4) (d) F, C, E, D, A, B

(5) (c) Workshop to be shifted

(6) (b) Yours faithfully.