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Explain etiquette and manners and Calmness and as two significant qualities of front office staff?

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Etiquette and Manners: Etiquette and Manners are the essential quality that every front office staff has to possess whether it is small or large hotel. Guests of all status come to stay in the hotel and they are used to good manners and politeness. Especially the star level hotels are the meeting place of the social elites of the society. All the grace and etiquette associated with good society comes into play. In this level of environment good manners, courtesy and politeness must be maintained in service. Wishing guest as per time of the day and using magic words to satisfy them are important traits of hotel staff.

Calmness: Front office staff should have calmness to take the busy demands of front office operations. Being the nerve centre of the hotel, the front office is constantly in touch with guests and therefore invariably comes under tremendous pressure. The guests always expect personalized, priority treatment and pressure of demand never ceases. Coupled with this there are difficult guests who can unnerve a person.