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Your friend owns a chemist shop, he needs to keep records of the medicines with their id’s, date of purchase, expiry date, price, etc. in a database program. But he does not have any knowledge about the database. Explain to him the following to get a better understanding of the DBMS concepts.

1. What is DBMS? Explain in brief.

2. Name any two database programs which can be used to create a table and store the data as per the requirement.

3. Which field can be set as a Primary Key?

4. Is it possible to make more than one field as a primary key in your table? (Yes/No). Justify your answer.

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1. A database management system is a software package with computer programs that controls the creation, maintenance, and use of a database. It allows organizations to conveniently develop databases for various applications.

2. Two databases are: i. Microsoft Access ii. MySQL iii. OpenOffice Base

3. Id field will be suitable for Primary Key.

4. Yes, we can make more than one column as a primary key in a table and it is known as Composite Primary Key.