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Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow :

1. Once a man saw three masons along with some labourers constructing a temple. He observed the masons for three days and found that though the three of them were doing the same kind of work, there was a marked difference in their approach to their job.

2. He saw that the first mason reported for his work late, did his work halfheartedly and sluggishly, enjoyed a longer respite, frequently checked the time on his wristwatch and left the work before time.

3. The second mason was very punctual in arriving and leaving, and did his work methodically. The third mason, however, would come before time, take little rest in the interval and often worked overtime.

4. The man naturally got curious and wanted to know the three masons’ outlook on their work. He asked them what they were doing. The first mason tapped his big belly with his hand and said, ‘‘I am earning food for myself.’’ The second said, ‘‘I am constructing a building.’’ The third mason looked at the huge building and said, ‘‘I am building the house of God.’’

On the basis of your understanding of the above passage, answer the following questions :

(a) What were the three masons doing?

(b) For how long did ‘a man’ observe them?

(c) What made the man curious?

(d) How did the first mason do his job?

(e) What was the second mason’s approach towards his job?

(f) How did the third mason view his job?

(g) With whom among these can you associate the phrase ‘work is worship’?

(h) Which word in the passage means ‘working lazily’? (para 2)

(i) Which word in the passage means the opposite of ‘carelessly’? (para 3)

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(a) The three masons were constructing a temple.

(b)  three days

(c) the different approaches of the three masons towards their job

(d) reported late/ did his work half-heartedly and sluggishly/ enjoyed a longer respite/ left the work before time

(e) punctual in arriving and leaving/ did his work methodically

(f) the third mason views his job as if he is building the house of God.

(g) the third mason

(h) sluggishly

(i) methodically