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Mijbil and the Tiger, both were looked after by humans. Assume they both meet each other in the zoo and have a conversation about their lifestyle and feelings.

Write this conversation, as per your understanding of Mijbil the Otter and A Tiger in the Zoo.

You may begin like this

Tiger: Thanks for visiting me, though I don’t usually like visitors.

 Mijbil: Oh? I would love visitors, I think.

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Mijbil -  

  • Happy about his life with his owner as a pet - perhaps would be scared to be out in the wild – wouldn’t know how to survive
  • Gets to play/go for walks  
  • Enjoys meals and company of the owner – exists peacefully in the company of his owner


  • Unhappy in captivity - blames humans for caging him - wished they’d know the value of peaceful coexistence 
  • Longing to be free and in natural habitat – perhaps wouldn’t wish to be tamed as a pet
  • Gets disturbed by the human activity