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Analyze two reasons for the imposition of national emergency in India on June 25, 1975.

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Reasons for imposing emergency in India on 25th June 1975 are:

I) Indira Gandhi’s election to Lok Sabha was declared invalid by the Allahabad High Court. It meant that legally she was no longer an MP and therefore could not remain the Prime Minister unless she was once again elected as an MP within 6 months. But on June 24th, the Supreme Court granted her a partial stay on the High Court order till the time her appeal was decided. She could remain an MP but could not take part in the proceedings of the Lok Sabha.

II) Opposition parties under Jayaprakash Narayan demanded Mrs. Gandhi's resignation.

III) Jayaprakash Narayan asked army, police and government employees not to obey orders of the government. He called for a Total Revolution and became the symbol of opposition to Emergency.