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Do you agree with the statement that the foreign policy of independent India has pursued the dream of a peaceful world”? Support your answer with three suitable arguments.

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Yes I agree with the given statement. Arguments for the same are as follows:

I) The foreign policy of independent India vigorously pursued the dream of a peaceful world by advocating the policy of non alignment, by reducing the Cold War confrontations and by contributing human resources to the UN peacekeeping operations.

II) During the Cold War, the US- led North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) and the Soviet- led Warsaw Pact came into existence. India advocated non- alignment as the ideal foreign policy and sometimes the balance did not appear perfect.

III) India did not join either of the two camps. During the Cold War era, India wanted to keep distance from the military alliances led by the US and by the Soviet Union against each other.

IV) In 1956 Britain attacked Egypt over the Suez Canal issue, India led the world protest against this neo- colonial invasion. In the same year when the USSR invaded Hungary, India did not join its public condemnation. Despite such a situation, by and large India did take an independent stand on various International issues.