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a. Why are youth vulnerable? Give two reasons.

b. What is National Service scheme?

c. Highlight any two activities taken up under National Service Scheme.

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a. Reasons why youth is vulnerable-

1. Biological changes in body have an impact on the person’s sense of well-being and identity.

2. Peer pressure and pressure to excel in an increasingly competitive world

3. When the family/environment is unable to provide positive support to the adolescent

4. Some adolescents may consume alcohol and drugs (also termed substance abuse)

5. Health

b. National Service scheme- Involve college level students in programmes of social service and national development

c. Two activities taken up under National Service Scheme

1. construction and repair of roads, school buildings, village ponds, tanks .

2. related to environmental and ecological improvement like tree plantation, removal of weeds from lakes, digging pits.