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Mayank purchased a pack of chocolates of a renowned brand for his daughter from a shop in the nearby market. After consuming the chocolates, his daughter fell sick. He filed a case with the District forum against the renowned brand. He lost the case because of a mistake that he could not provide proof of purchase. What should be kept in mind by a consumer while purchasing, using and consuming goods and services apart from avoiding the mistake committed by Mayank, in order to enable him/her to achieve the objective of consumer protection? Enumerate any four points.

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A consumer should keep in mind the following responsibilities while purchasing, using and consuming goods and services-

(i) Be aware about various goods and services available in the market so that an intelligent and wise choice can be made.

(ii) Buy only standardized goods as they provide quality assurance. Thus, look for ISI mark on electrical goods, FPO mark on food products, Hallmark on jewelry, etc.

(iii) Learn about the risks associated with products and services, follow manufacturer’s instructions and use the products safely.

(iv) Read labels carefully so as to have information about prices, net weight, manufacturing and expiry dates, etc.

(v) Assert yourself to ensure that you get a fair deal.

(vi) Be honest in your dealings. Choose only from legal goods and services and discourage unscrupulous practices like black-marketing, hoarding, etc.

(vii) File a complaint in an appropriate consumer forum in case of a shortcoming in the quality of goods purchased or services availed. Do not fail to take an action even when the amount involved is small.

(viii) Form consumer societies which would play an active part in educating consumers and safeguarding their interests.

(ix) Respect the environment. Avoid waste, littering and contributing to pollution.