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a. As a consumer what are the likely adulterants to be found in the following foods which can be detrimental to health?

i. Turmeric powder

ii. Mustard oil

b. Enumerate three ill effects of each of the adulterants (mentioned at a above) on health.

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a. (i) Adulterant in Turmeric powder - Metanil yellow  

(ii) Adulterant in Mustard oil - Argemone oil

b. Three ill effects of each of the adulterants -

Metanil yellow -

1. Cancer

2. Anaemia

3. Mental Retardation

4. Abnormalities in skin, eyes, lung and bones

Argemone oil -

1. Oedema (Swelling)

2. Kidney failure

3. Enlarged liver

4. Blindness