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OMEGA: It shall be done, Sir. Remove vitamins. (Crew takes vitamins from boxes on their belts.) Present vitamins. (They hold vitamins out in front of them, stiffly.) Swallow vitamins. (They pop the vitamins into their mouths and gulp simultaneously. They open their eyes wide, their heads shake, and they put their hands to their foreheads.) 

THINK-TANK: Excellent. Now, decipher that code. ALL: It shall be done, Sir. (They frown over the book, turning pages.) 

OMEGA: (brightly) Aha! 

IOTA: (brightly) Oho! 

OOP: (bursting into laughter) Ha, ha, ha. 

THINK-TANK: What does it say? Tell me this instant. Transcribe, Omega. 

(The Book that Saved the Earth)

i. Select the option that correctly captures the usage of the word ‘present’ from line 1 of the extract. 

A. Oops received a nice present from Think Tank. 

B. Iota needs to present his opinion firmly. 

C. Omega must focus on the present and leave the past behind. 

D. Oops didn’t know anyone even though a crowd was present.

ii. Complete the analogy by selecting the suitable word from the text frown: smile:: gloomily:

iii. Select the option that displays the reason why all crew members were asked to have vitamins. 

In order to - 

A. boost their physical energies. 

B. adapt to their circumstances. 

C. quickly turn all the pages. 

D. accomplish a specific task.

iv. According to the extract, what did THINK-TANK most likely want OMEGA to do when he said ‘Transcribe…’? 

1. read aloud 

2. translate 

3. make notes 

4. interpret 

5. record reactions 

Select the correct option. 

A. 1 & 3 

B. 2 & 4 

C. Only 3 

D. 1, 4 and 5

v. The playwright places certain words and sentences in brackets in the given extract. List any ways these benefit both the director and actors. 

i) _____

ii) _____

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(i) B. Iota needs to present his opinion firmly. 

(ii) frown: smile: gloomily: brightly 

(iii) D. accomplish a specific task. 

(iv) B. 2 & 4 

(v) (i) Help actors and director gain clarity about the emotions and gestures required while performing  or directing 

(ii) Helps with understanding stage setting and movements