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Rahul is 15-year-old and has variety of clothing. For Diwali celebrations he along with his family was invited by his uncle for party. Rahul wore his favorite black trousers to the party. Accidentally he dropped glass of juice on himself. He is very upset as he spoiled his trousers and shirt.

Guide him about eight precautions to be considered while removing this stain from his clothes.

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Eight precautions to be considered while removing stain from clothes--

1. Remove stain when fresh.

2. Effects of chemical should be tested on a hidden corner of the fabric.

3. Chemical should be applied from the back of the stained fabric.

4. The stain removal should proceed from simple to complex process.

5. Several mild applications of a reagent should be preferred over one strong application.

6. The stain should be worked in a circular movement starting from outer edge to centre.

7.  All the reagents should be neutralized.

8. Traces of chemicals should be rinsed immediately