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Priya is a regional manager of XYZ. Ltd. She is a hardworking employee and is trying to reduce wastage of resources in her company. She has set standards for performance of different activities and is ensuring that targets are met according to these standards with minimal wastage of resources. She has set up CCTV cameras which helps her to keep a close check on the activities of the subordinates and know how the employees are performing. She also rewards the employees with a bonus when these standards are met. She is trying her best to ensure a good performance of her team this year through the application of an important function of management. Explain any two benefits of the function of management highlighted above.

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Importance of controlling : 

1. Accomplishing organisational goals: The controlling function measures progress towards the organisational goals and brings to light the deviations, if any, and indicates corrective action. 

2. Ensuring Order and discipline: Controlling creates an atmosphere of order and discipline in the organisation. It helps to minimise dishonest behaviour by keeping a close check on their activities. 

3. Making efficient use of resources: Each activity is performed in accordance with predetermined standards and norms. This ensures that resources are used in the most effective and efficient manner. 

4. Improving employee motivation: A good control system ensures that employees know well in advance what they are expected to do and what are the standards of performance on the basis of which they will be appraised. It, thus, motivates them and helps them to give better performance.